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Shore FC U10s Demonstrate Core Values

By Shore FC, 11/09/17, 10:15PM EST


Shore FC U10s demonstrate Shore FC's core values of dedication, determination, discipline, resilience, strength, and unity.

Shore FC U10 played three league games in two days last weekend, coming out of their EDP season close to the top of the table. The team began their season with two big losses, but they learned and demonstrated Shore FC's core values of dedication, determination, discipline, resilience, strength and unity and they finished their season over the weekend with a tie and two wins.

At the beginning of the season, an average of 9 out of 13 Shore FC U10 players showed to each practice and game.  As the season progressed, they realized that in all of their losses, less than 10 players showed. By the end of the season, after learning more about DEDICATION and DISCIPLINE, an average of 12 Shore FC players showed for practices and games. One injured player supported his teammates on the bench and celebrated with them after their wins.

Shore FC U10's first two games were tough ones, suffering losses with score differentials in the double digits. Those losses did not deter them. Neither did necessary staffing changes within the team. Practicing DETERMINATION, RESILIENCE, and STRENGTH, Shore FC U10 fought from behind and rose from last in the league to third!

Finally, each Shore FC U10 player learned and felt the value of UNITY. One player left a previously scheduled camping trip with another organization to attend an away game before going back to his camping trip. When asked why he did this, his answer was, "I didn't want to let my teammates down."

After one season and two short months, each Shore FC U10 player not only developed their soccer skills, but realized that they are a part of a team and a club that needed them and wanted them.