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Shore FC Value of Unity

By Shore FC, 10/22/17, 6:15PM EDT


Shore FC Players Demonstrate Commitment to Unity

Shore FC played four games this weekend, in which two were wins. Both wins were away games: Shore FC U15 beat Abington 2-1 and Shore FC U11 beat Henlopen 6-2. Several players on all four teams demonstrated their commitment to Shore FC's core value of unity.

Shore FC U15 carries a roster of 18 and there is almost never a game when all 18 of those players are not unified as a team to support each other. Whether a player is injured or may not play, that player comes dressed for the game to support his teammates. For example, for today's game that was almost two hours from Shore FC's home field, a player who was at the end of his recovery from a sprain came dressed to play in case the team needed him. With three players leaving the field with injuries, he was almost needed. Through the commitment of each individual player, the united team has been rewarded--it is undefeated in EDP Premier 2 play.

Unity stories abound at Shore FC. Players, who are committed to other activities that are on the same day as a game, ride for hours to their other activities and then ride several more to support their teammates at a game. Players who have plans with families leave the comfort of their families to help their teammates before returning to their families. Players leave early from school dances that are held the night before a game in order to be well rested enough to do well for their teammates.

The above is not always done happily, especially since there is never any guarantee of playing time in travel soccer; but it's done and it's done because our players are committed people who respect Shore FC's core value of unity.