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New Development Academy for Ages 3-8!

By Shore FC, 07/11/19, 11:00AM EDT


Led by Coach John Pritchett and Director of Coaching GR Cannon

Shore FC Youth Development Academy

Three levels of developmental soccer for girls and boys under age nine.  A year round program developed with the option to participate either fall, winter, or spring; or join us for all three programs. All practices and all games (except for possible tournaments for ID Group) will be at The Elks Lodge in Easton, MD.

U5 “Little Stars” Boy and girl players under 5 years

Goal of Little Stars Program: Provide the best possible platform to introduce children to soccer.  This is the opportunity for the very young player to take their first steps toward a lifelong love of the game.

When: Eight Week Program 

Saturdays 9:00am beginning Saturday Sept 14th at The Elks Lodge

Program Outline:

Week 1 through 5 will consist of 45 minute Activity based seasons... Dribbling, tag games, balance, and motor skills, running, skipping, jumping.  The majority of activities will be based on every player having a ball at their feet.  The goal is to encourage and develop foundational skills.

Week 6,7,8  will consist of 45-55 minute activity plus Intro to Game sessions... warm up, tag/dribbling game, 24 minute mini games (3v3), and a fun activity to close.  Once the players have become comfortable on the ball, running and moving with a ball at their feet, “games” will be introduced. Training will occur in groups of 6-8 players.

Kit: Everyone will get a Shore FC “Lil’ Stars” t-shirt

Cost: $75/player; Registration will begin in August


U6 "Stars" Boy and girl players with a birth year of 2014/2015

Goal of U6 Program: Provide the best possible platform to grow a young players motor skills and develop comfort level with the ball at their feet.  They will be given the opportunity to learn, test, succeed and fail with multiple skills revolving around dribbling and ball control.

When: Eight Week Program

Tuesdays at 5pm and Saturdays at 10am beginning Saturday Sept 14th at The Elks Lodge

Program Outline:

Tuesdays and the first two Saturdays: 45-55 minute training sessions that focus on motor skill building and individual dribbling skills/ball control.  

Tag of all varieties will be a part of many sessions. Tag requires and develops motor skills and is a child’s greatest game; dodging and catching, creativity of moment, strategy, both with ball and without.  Players will also “learn the moves” of soccer. Turns, Stops, Drag backs, you name a basic skill necessary to play the game at a higher level and we will work on it. Each skill will be introduced multiple times in multiple ways and build into various activities and challenges/competitions.

Beginning on Sept 28st, 3v3 games on Saturdays with 4 10’ quarters will be added. Players will be rotated and leveled week to week.  Every group will be rotated so everyone gets to play at the appropriate level, with different teammates, and their learning and development will progress at their pace.  We will play and train in groups of 6-8 players.

Kit: Everyone will get a Shore FC “Stars” t-shirt

Cost: $95/player; Registration will begin in August


U8 and U9 "Shooting Stars" and "ID" (2011s, 2012s and 2013s)

Goal of Program: Provide two learning paths for youth academy players to build, test, and grow their skills.  Dribbling, one v. one abilities, and motor skills will become more secure for all.  All will be introduced to new skills; striking, shooting, chipping, etc and will be given the platform to test, succeed and fail. Some players will progress into team concepts and more advanced skill building.

Players: We are looking to register boy and girl players with a birth year of 2011/2012/2013.  We are looking for players who want an enhanced training and development process which will prepare the players for travel programs/higher level play.

When: Twelve Week Fall Program beginning Saturday, Sept 14 with practice sessions on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays.  Games will begin Saturday, Sept 21.

Program Outline:  We will train and observe players over the course of two weeks and group players based on their current level of play and preparedness.  There will be an "ID" group of players created who will practice twice a week and play on Saturdays and a "Shooting Stars" group created with one weekday practice and play on Saturdays.

The weekly session for all players will be 60 mins and will begin to add focus on introduction to passing and spacing skills and shooting, bench/wall work to improve technique, dribbling and moves, slalom dribbling, inside/outside/sole, front/back/ side to side.  Players will be prepared to possess and advance the ball as an individual and begin to transform from self to team concept.

The additional practice session for ID group 60 mins - a 30 minute session will be designed around major themes; dribbling, shooting, spacing, etc.  This will advance progress for this group of more prepared players.  Then a 20 minute set of mini games 4v4 building to 5v5. 

Saturdays Mid Day after 11:00am at The Elks Lodge

ID group - we will segment the group into teams of 5-6  players and play 4v4 games with four 10 minute quarters, teams will stay the same throughout the  season

Shooting Stars group - we will rotate the players each week and play 4v4 games with four 10 minute quarters.

Kit: Everyone will get a black Shore FC primary kit and white Shore FC practice shirt

Cost: $125 for all players + $50 for those selected and electing to participate in ID group; Registration will begin in August

Possible extra play (not included in registration fee): EDP Futures Festivals/ Select Tournaments- the ID teams will register and play in the MD/DE events.